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September 16th, 2014

Sorry guys! No flashbacks (yet….) But Shadow definitely looks unsettled about something.

Now for a bit of a plug…  Aero Zero (creator of Kyria) and I have started a trading card collective open to all webcomic creators! We’re open to submissions and would really love you to join!


Project Apex Cards


Check out these two awesome examples of cards that we’ve already created:


And they look even cooler once they’re printed:


Here’s a blurb about what this project/site is all about (it’s also on the site):


“Simply put, Project Apex is a trading card project open to all webcomic creators. And we mean completely open. Download our templates and go nuts! The idea behind Project APEX was to create some sort of merchandise that — while created and sold by individual webcomikers — shared a common, unifying theme. Cards, easily collectible and cheap to make and ship, seemed like the obvious choice. So what’s with the rest of the site and the card specs and requirements and stuff?


Well, this site also functions as a sort of physical-item webcomic listing, almost like a collective but showcasing these artifacts from different comics. It’s like a map of where to find all the cards in our awesome collection! To be a part of this listing there are a few requirements: your cards have to meet certain specifications, the full-size digital versions can’t be available online and at least some of them have to be available for purchase. As cool as just making digital cards for your characters is, Project Apex cards are meant to be physical items; that’s the fun part! Low-priced promotion + merch and you’ll be part of a fun project featuring a community of great comics!”


Well, I’ll stop before this becomes a novel, but you guys should definitely take a peek at the site and make a few cards of your own!


As for you webcomic fans, if you want to see trading cards of your favorite characters, you should definitely pester–er, tell the creators! Spread the word!

  • Delta-v

    I see several possibilities here, and in my trademark annoying way I will share them 😀

    !. He can sense the Dragon’s presence in Thali’s dreams and realizes the danger.he faces.
    2. Thali shouldn’t be able to see the Dragon even with the amulet, which reveals her as a latent mage.
    3. He’s just realized how big a job he’s taken on.
    4. He’s just realized that that he forgot to bring food or water.
    5. He’s just realized that they don’t have a potty, either.

    I eagerly await the reveal on this one. :)

    • Melissa J Massey

      6. He’s just realized he left his curling iron on.

      • Azyzl

        Both of you! 😀

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