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Page 099
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Page 099

November 24th, 2014

(One more page until one hundreeeeeeeed!)


Shadow doesn’t look too thrilled about exactly who’s haunting Thali’s dreams. He seems to know exactly who she’s talking about….


In other news, I (finally!) finished this drawing this chapter this last weekend. Page 117… rrrrrhhh it’s got a panel of a town, and I may or may not have finished aaaaalll the other pages before going back and doing that one 😐 Don’t judge! Buildings are seriously the bane of my existence. But now I’m all clear until page 122, and I’ve finally started doing the storyboarding (?) for the next chapter. It’s going to be super fun, but that’s maybe only because I’m mentally done with this one (don’t worry–this one’s good too!). Thalissa does some things, Shadow does some things, and there’s excitement for all! I think a new major character gets introduced? I’m not sure yet.


But while I start trowing together the next chapter, enjoy an new page from this, completed one! (And happy Thanksgiving!)

  • “You wouldn’t know anything about dragons, would you?”
    “Nope. Nuh-uh, definitely not. Incidentally, did this dragon happen to have a fiver on him? I, uh, have a friend who beat him at a poker game and has yet to collect.”

    • Azyzl


  • Delta-v

    Well, his initial reaction was everything I could hope for, so now I’m waiting for his alarmed follow-up. :)

    If you were wondering if “storyboarding” was the right word, it is, but you kinda missed on “trowing”. 😉

    • Azyzl

      Oh goodness, I’m all over the place -_-

  • Tantz Aerine

    Impressive art! I will definitely check this out in its entirety as soon as I’ve had some sleep.

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