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November 17th, 2014

And the civil conversation continues! Poor Thali is tired… considering they left at midnight and are awake at sunrise, there hasn’t been much time for sleep.


My attempts at getting some sort of sidebar thing going on is being more difficult than one would think it should. It’s getting to the point where I’m legitimately considering scrapping the theme and starting from the ground up, but that’s definitely an all-weekend kind of project; my sister may or may not be coming up from Philly to stay for her Thanksgiving break this weekend… so I’m not really sure when I’ll wrangle with this madness. In the mean time, I’m slowly adding worldbuilding-sort of things on the site.


In other news, I’ve been talking to a friend who works at a print shop, and they’ll do small print runs (like, three copies) of saddle-stitch booklets. Crystal Ball is far from ready for actually selling print versions, but that won’t stop me from printing some for myself  >:} muahaha…


Also! You should check out the comic Autumn Bay… you may find two familiar faces!


Well, that’s all for me! Enjoy the late Monday post!

  • Delta-v

    Tell him about the dragon, Thali, I want to see the look on his face. 😀

    • Azyzl

      Give it another week *shifty eyes*

  • Autumn Bay the Comic

    Thank you for the link. I really appreciate it. And by the way, Crystal Ball is TEH AWESOME!

    • Azyzl

      Hey, you’re the one who put in all the artistic effort :) And thanks!

  • Melissa J Massey

    Oh, website building. There never is a convenient way to do it. Sometimes the best thing to do is start from the ground up to get something you really like. I’ve had to do that with both my past websites, though it was easier with my comic than my portfolio.
    No wonder Thali is tired. It must be hard to sleep on a boat, even without being chased through your dreams by a dragon!

    • Azyzl

      Urgh the website is giving me some major grief. What frustrated me the most is that this current incarnation was already made from the ground up… it’s basically Adobe Muse + WordPress, and it was already quite a battle to get it to look as I wanted it to. So I want to just add to it, but it’s putting up such a fight. But yeah, just starting anew is probably the cleanest way to go about it :/

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