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September 30th, 2014

And that closes Chapter Three! And what a coppery color that ocean is.


Now, on to some news!

Good news: I’m moving into my apartment this Fridaaaaaaay! Yay for no more living out of a suitcase! Yay for getting my own, guaranteed bed! And closet space! And space to put my monitor! I’ve been staying with my uncle for the last three months, and while I’m incredibly grateful that he opened his door for me, I definitely am glad to get out. Now on to…


Not-so-good news: I am not done with the next chapter (8 or so more pages to go) aaaaaand I realized I never made the cover page for the next chapter :< So I’m going to do a between-chapters break of… two weeks? I’ll still post stuff (urgh, filler, I know). This isĀ not a “yeah… I’m going away to make some pages” and never get to it kind of thing. I have a majority of the chapter completed, but I don’t feel comfortable starting it before I have that sweet, sweet buffer for those possible rainy days. If I can’t complete the rest of the pages in the month, I’ll start the chapter anyway (and the first post is a 2-page spread, so double post!)


So with that, I’ll see you guys next Tuesday, with some fun stuff I can scrounge up.

  • Delta-v

    Yay for having your own space. And do what you have to do with the comic, I just want to see what happens next. :)

    Filler id better than nothing, but I can live with nothing, too.

  • Melissa J Massey

    Such a coppery ocean! We all need some downtime to catch up every once and awhile, so take your time and I will be here till you get back.

    And YAY APARTMENT! Belated congrats!

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