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The Story

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Having lived most of her life in the small coastal town of Redvale, Thalissa may be a bit sheltered and naive, but makes up for this by being relatively open-minded and willing to learn. Being the second-oldest child, her job at home was to keep her younger brother out of trouble and to care for her frail younger sister, while her older brother helped their father design and build ships. She's usually forgiving and patient, but has a habit of being stubborn for stubborn's sake, and can get to the point where she will refuse to change her stance to prove a point. Her naiveté gets her in trouble, often because she'll ask questions a more discerning person would know are rude or otherwise inappropriate. She longs to finally see her family again, but that doesn't mean she'll be so preoccupied with getting to her destination that she won't enjoy the journey.


While he's often found with a frown on his face and carries an air of general irritation, Shadow's apparent disdain for the world may be more because over a hundred years of living has thinned his patience than anything else. Despite his age, like all magicians he still falls victim to the fact that being separated from his heart makes him timeless, and so he has a "young heart, young body, young mind". Or, as others would be more inclined to say, he has the maturity (or lack thereof) of a 24-year-old despite having lived more than four times that. Regardless, the years of experience has made him very skilled at his craft, though he's reluctant to display it. He is also not without his secrets and makes a point of keeping the past in the past; he may do this to this simply to cope with the fact that as friends and family grow old and die he'll remain the same (as many magicians and other groups of long-lived magic-makers do), or because of other, darker, reasons.


Shadow's all-purpose familiar. Being a magic construct he does not tire, and can live for as long as Shadow himself has magic. His form is malleable, and it is from this that his common name comes from: he often becomes a pair of wings for Shadow, allowing the magician to fly without any additional spells. While he cannot speak, he can understand a great number of languages; his understanding of Shadow's wishes go deeper, coming from their bond of creator and creation. Still, he can have a mind of his own, and will many times do things of his own volition.

The Dragon

Haunting Thalissa's dreams, this nameless red dragon seems solely out for revenge for his stolen star. Beyond that, he's largely a mystery.

Garret Russet

A family friend and former business partner of Edwin Riemu, Garret was once an accomplished sailor before retiring to running the business end of a shipping company. He heads the northern branch of the All-Shore Shipping Company and while he's been asked to run busier branches further south, he prefers the isolation of the northern regions of the country. His travels have made him well-versed in unusual and antique items, and he has created a healthy side business buying and selling these things.

Edwin Riemu

Father of Thalissa. A good natured man, with a love for calculations and drawing up plans. Living on the River Long Snake fostered a love of the water and all sorts of watercraft, and in his younger years he apprenticed a well-known ship-builder to hone his skills. He met his to-be wife while in Alstopho to propose new ship designs for the Royal Navy. Being of common birth he sees little use of the rules and traditions of court, but knows that knowing them can be of use to his children in the future.

Elony Riemu

Mother of Thalissa. She was born into an aristocratic family who made their fortune owning farmland that grew specialty plants used by magic-makers, many of whom work directly for the Royal Seal and its monarch. She is strict and believes in traditional gender roles as prescribed in court. This worked well for Lara who was already a quiet and reserved soul, but not so much for the more energetic Thalissa.

Mathis Riemu

The eldest Riemu child, Mathis follows closely in his father's footsteps. He intended on taking over the family business eventually, before it went under, but still hopes to make use of his knowledge in Carsey. His plan is to do what his father had originally intended to do, and design ships for the Royal Navy.

Lara Riemu

Frail and soft-spoken, Lara was the third Riemu child, and was almost seventeen when she passed away. Elony was partial to her third child: Lara was quiet, obedient and willing to please, and she absorbed her mother's lessons quickly and without complaint. She was a gentle soul but wasn't a pushover; her willingness to please didn't come from a weakness in her character, but rather in the fact that she didn't see a point in being a part of frivolous conflict.

Thomas Riemu

The youngest Riemu child, Thomas is a firecracker of a child and a constant challenge for Thalissa to keep tabs on. To Elony, his energy and tenacity would make him a good high-ranking soldier (after training straightened out some of his wildness); Edwin believes otherwise, and thinks that he would make a better sailor.

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